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Poetry Corner
Mixed Race Magazine

These are some of my favorite Interracial Poems that I have read throughout the years, Hope you enjoy. If you have an Interracial poem that you've either heard or written please email

No 'Other" Way
There they are looking at me again staring, gaping, gawking like a circus-side-show. They look at my skin golden, tawny, beige and at my hair softly curled, wavy One group says: "Tragic, doomed, halfbreed" Another group says "confused, zebra, oreo" Opposite sides of the same ignorant coin. The best and worst of both in my blood but when they ask how I feel, what I am I tell them I would have it no 'other' way.   ~Christopher Appling
The Marriage
Her Mother did'nt attend the wedding, her Father refused to pay for and the man she loves could'nt understand why? Her mother asked a question, her father hung his head hoping he could die. What will you do with those BLACK babies when your marriage becomes a lie?
Mother dearest and father too, let me ask a question of you, what did the black women do with WHITE babies when she was raped and stripped of her pride? The black women she Survived and raised those babies with the uttermost pride. Yes the black women, she survived AND SO WILL I  ~Robin Melton

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