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Review coming in September '02.


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"My biggest fear in life is to be average" --M Night Shyamalan

Are you one of those people who loves to know everything about a film before you see it? I'm not. But while I was looking for the official website for Signs, I found an underground website that has a lot  of   information about this film.

Mel Gibson (Graham Hess)
Joaquin Phoenix (Merrill Hess)
Patricia Kalember (Colleen Hess)
Rory Culkin (Morgan Hess)
Abby Breslin (Bo Hess)
Cherry Jones (Officer Caroline Paski)
Jose L. Rodriguez (Radio Host)
Michael Showalter
Lanny Flaherty
Nelson Machado

Written, produced, and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, [Signs is] a high-octane doomsday vision built almost entirely around our sense of anticipation, and that's both its strength and its weakness. [The] movie is all tricks and premonitions; it plays on our primitive desire to see what's coming next in a way that proves a lot more compelling than what actually comes next. ... Signs is a virtual homage to Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but Spielberg, in his stirring and magical 1977 sci-fi daydream, took a classic B-movie premise -- beings from another world are coming! -- and delivered something close to transcendence. Shyamalan, in his gloss on Spielberg, sets us up for transcendence, or at the very least a major wow, and delivers, instead, a highly portentous B movie.




Review Coming In September '02.