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August 2002

Racist Video Games

Hear Audio Commentary By Youth Radio's Ben Simrin

This issue was brought to my attention by a report published by  the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) in February. The National Alliance, a white supremacist organization that was founded in 1974 by the late Dr. William L. Pierce, has been promoting racially-motivated violence in computer games. The organization's website refers to Ethnic Cleansing as the following: "This is the game the media is screaming about!". No one has been "screaming". The media has simply responded to the recent outpouring of hate fueled by the National Alliance and other Neo-Nazi organizations like it. The website offers this  two-sentence enticement to teenagers interested in buying the game:

"No, you can't shoot those pesky sub-humans in real life -- but you can in Ethnic Cleansing: The Game! Enter the virtual race war!"

What it doesn't tell potential buyers is that  the game will ultimately distort reality for its white players, which will eventually lead to the shooting death of a "sub-human".

In March of this year, Dr. Pierce used his radio program to respond to the claims of VH1 and the ADL, which blasted the creation of Ethnic Cleansing and Resistance Records. Somewhere between calling Sumner Redstone a "powerful media master" and making outrageous claims that the ADL "stole" confidential files to make its case, Dr. Pierce rambled on incoherently about the justification of the hate-inspired game. He made an attempt to discredit both organizations by pointing out that in 1913, the Georgia chapter of the ADL defended a Jewish man who had been convicted of the molestation and murder of a fourteen-year old girl. He attacked VH1 and MTV by making outrageous statements about their agendas.Both networks are  owned by Sumner Redstone, who is Jewish. If you're interested in reading this piece of garbage, click here.
Somewhere in this particular broadcast, Dr. Pierce had the audacity to call the National Alliance "mainstream". The last time I checked, separatist groups are NOT mainstream. He also claimed the game was "selling like hotcakes". I seriously doubt that a large number of copies of this particular game have been sold. Maybe if you call 2,700 copies a large number. He also claimed that Sumner Redstone was attempting to rob the white race of its identity and history by sending messages to white teens through his MTV and VH1 networks. Both, Pierce claimed, encourage young white males to have sex with Black females, to "act and talk Black", and called for young white females to have sex with black males. Would you want your race to be able to get rid of its apalling past? Don't get me wrong, but the way slaves were treated and Native Americans robbed of their ancestral lands would embarrass me if I were white. Although these atrocities took place a long time ago, the effects are still evident. But anyway, back to my point. I happen to be a fan of both networks, and all I've noticed is that both stations promote multiculturalism, which is a good thing. People like Dr. Pierce simply fear change. I didn't tear into Dr. Pierce as vehemently as I have done with other extremists in the past because he passed away in July, and it's extremely disrepectful to discuss a  deceased person in a negative manner. 

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